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Eyes blaze bored, scrutinizing her latest meal stumbling in drunken shock.

Hundreds of years lacking companionship tugs her mind.

Floating soundless, debating her dilemma:  mortal or immortal.

He screams.

Irritation fuels his silence.

On to the weekend challenge.  This week we’re again asking you to stand on the shoulders of another writer.  But this time that other writer is you.  Take one of your former Trifecta or Trifextra 33 word entries and build upon it with another 33 words.  If you are new to the challenge you can use a Trifextra entry from one of the other community members, with their permission of course.

These are the first two weekend challenges from which I continued this segment: Crimson Liquid and Survive To Exist


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Diablo’s Darling

I introduced Desmond in a previous Trifecta weekend photo prompt, Nothing But Time

The scent of scorched skin tickled Desmond’s nostrils. His stomach growled in appreciation. He took note of the clicking crunches indicating time was temporarily suspended. His eyes remained closed. He was all too familiar with the upcoming chain of events.

Besides having a devious, self-serving sense of humor, Satan enjoys a fine collection of scrumptious looking females he’s seduced into giving up their souls. If one could say Satan had a weakness, it would be voluptuous women who teetered far from having strong thinking abilities.

Desmond knew, without looking, he was in the presence of a new Diablo Darling.

A fresh cloud of scorched skin drifted by. His stomach demanded a taste test. The Diablo Darling twisted slowly towards the rumbling. Desmond cursed his hunger pains, listening to the soft snorts of air. Reptile-like eyes rested on Desmond, seeking evidence of movement. Satisfied there wasn’t cause for concern, she continued walking through the tarried passengers. Desmond took the opportunity to open his eyes.

Eyes flicker red as he drinks in the beauty before him. He wonders how many Lust Demons will feel the wrath of Satan for messing with this immortal morsel. He watches, amused, as she becomes familiar with her non-human body parts. Apparently, her brightness factor is on the opposite spectrum of her devious looks.

Mesmerized with the hoofs extending at the end of long tan legs, she does a jig of sorts, giggling. The dance routine shifts to an awkward rendition of tap dancing. Her tongue slithers from her mouth as she squints her eyes in concentration. Startled, she reaches for her tongue, pulling it, eyes crossed, attempting to get a better look.

Desmond chuckles. The Diablo Darling emits a hiss of surprise and fear. He stands, his face metamorphosing into his true demon-state. She lumbers towards Desmond, a slide show of emotions displaying on her face, settling on curiosity.

The two face each other, staring.

NEW (adjective)
1: having recently come into existence
2 a (1) : having been seen, used, or known for a short time (2) : unfamiliar
b : being other than the former or old
3: having been in a relationship or condition but a short time


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It wasn’t the first time your existence vaporized from memory.

Panic tumbles as I attempt and fail to recall.

Flames of pain surge through my soul, licking the scarred reminders.

Better to remember?

Better to forget?

I wonder.

This weekend’s prompt is a return to the 33-word formula. One of the earliest Trifextra challenges asked you to complete a story of which the opening five words had been given. And that’s exactly what we want you to do again this weekend.
Complete the following story in 33 words:
‘It wasn’t the first time.’


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