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The Story Circle-The Forest King (Part 2)

I was surprised and excited when Sam from My Write Side invited me to participate in a writing circle.

Check out this amazing first part of the circle: The Forest King, Part One, Sam tagged me for the second part.

I’m very excited to share my part of The Forest King, Part Two. I’ve tagged my friend, Jeannie, for the third part.

Thank you so much to Cameron Garriepy for her patience and support.



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Broken Promise

Joel watched his wife, Miranda, and newly court-appointed psychiatrist make their way across the visiting room. His eyes caught sight of his children, Amy and Marcus, trailing behind. To the casual observer, Miranda appeared distraught. Joel knew better. He recognized the subtle signs of flirtation. Perfectly manicured fingers fluttered nervously above the doctor’s arm as they strolled. Green eyes, expertly accentuated, gave the practiced illusion of unshed tears.

I should have kept my promise, Joel thought.

Miranda gave the doctor a warm handshake, clasping his hand just a smidgen too long. The heart-melting smile transformed into a vicious smirk as she faced her husband. Miranda pulled out a cigarette, tilting her head slightly to light it. Inhaling deeply, she released the swirling smoke through her perfectly chiseled nostrils. An image of a fire-breathing dragon entered his mind. The very image he’d ignored for many years.

Joel reached for his children. Amy darted into his arms. Miranda’s slender arm shot out to grab her. Joel rose from his seat. Two visiting room attendants appeared simultaneously. Sighing, Joel sat down. Miranda whispered to the children. Amy gave one last look before running after her brother. The attendants slithered to the side.

“What did the doctor say, Miranda?” Joel finally asked after several minutes of silence.

“He really didn’t have much to say, darling. Mostly, he was just listening.” She leaned in close. “Might as well get comfortable here. Seems you’re not the only nut case he has who believes in this second dimension crap.” Straightening up, she smoothed  her cream-colored skirt. “He thinks it’s best if the children and I don’t visit for the first few weeks.” A quick, venomous smile as she sauntered to a freedom he’d lost.

~Joel’s story sprang to mind after having a discussion with my friends about holographic reality. We watched a couple of videos about the subject and I found myself intrigued. It wasn’t necessarily a new concept to me but it made me wonder. I’m not sure where Joel’s story will go or how far.

Thank you, Jeannie, for helping my mind to create a story.~

Okay; write 200-500 words on the prompt of your choice. You may either use the prompt as the title of your piece or work it into the body of your piece.
The Prompts:
Story killer
Just listening
Writes but can’t read
Falling softly
Don’t bleed*


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